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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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Hi all, this is the very 1st post of what will hopefully blossom into a full and comprehensive history of my exploits in both the world of poker and life. My name is Alex Martin, and i live in Enfield, London. I recently graduated from UEA Norwich and am currently working in a nice (although mundane) office job. I have a fantastic girlfreind named Suzanne, and my life really is a complete fucking doddle. I will save my poker history for my next post as i wanted to take this opportunity to give insight to my world/life, which will hopefully allow you to see my reasoning behind the many and varied interesting problems we will be discussing. Having read numerous Blogs, some good, some bad, some lacking, some busted......i have decided i will also be posting some of my political views as a sideline- just to break up the monotony of outdraw stories :)

In addition to being a student of poker, i also play football twice weekly (got to get the cardio in),
use a gym 3 times a week, go fishing and shoot ( not fucking pottery either). I used to drink heavily on the weekends, but have found out that this is the singularly most damaging aspect to my life because:-
a)it turns me into a grade B cunt (I save the a's for ppl that really deserve them)........fighting, losing sentimental stuff, etc
b) causes problems with the missus (im a shit when pissed)
c) I turn into a chimmney when really "on it"..... and I NEVER smoke sober.
d) I put on weight (probably because i eat shit food when pissed) and feel like crap. This to me is alien as i normally feel as sharp as a razor.

So now i only drink on weeknights, joking ;)

I enjoy the cinema, pissing about doing random shit, eating like a gorilla, and anything novel.......
im organising the work paintballing trip in the coming weeks. Im attempting to save up enough cash by August to rid myself of student debt and have a nice tidy sum with which to see the world. Im intending on going travelling for a minimum of 4 months in August.

Ok, small talk over........lets start as we mean to go on.


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