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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Morning guys, just about figured out how to get my links up and running. WOOHOO!
god i must be slightly retarded, literally taken me about 3 hours. Going to spend the day doing lots of boring office work.....not. Going to try and get word out to all of the people whose blogs i have been poring over for the last few months, hopefully some of them will be nice enough to slap a link up on their blogs so i can get a few readers and get some actual discussion going on!
Going to play a couple of small stakes multi's $1-$10 and a few $10 SnG's tonight to build on my pathetic bankroll so i can give you guys something juicy once i have enough for a big buy-in to a sunday tournie.........so thatll be in about 6 weeks then. Iv decided that this blog is going to be brutally honest so here goes. In my account on VC poker i have $113. In my account on Ultimate Bet i have $140 and 3 TEC's + a fair few points. Im going to try and hit 1k in both accounts by July. No withdrawals and getting a LOT of hours in and this should be achievable. The Girlfreind wont be happy but hell. I have a theory, if you agree with your woman 2/3's of the time, you ALWAYS stay together as you dont get bored of each other due to vv frequent rows. Let me know what you think- you will be the honoury 1st ever comment on my site :)

Oh and i should mention, i WONT be depositing ANY more cash into either of my accounts.
Ill let you know how i get on later and ill try and stick another post on this avo with a well thought-out "tip of the day".


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