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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ok, my job is so boring im actually looking foreward to having a haircut tonight. Seriously it needs it, im beginning to look like Tintin ;)
Been on the case today, trying to contact numerous nice folk who have super Blogs. Im playing tonight and will also be playing tomorrow (after footy with the guys from work). Friday night im looking foreward to robbing my mate Dave- who tried a huge move on me the last time i played against him (yes Dave, i called your shocking attempt to push me off with a shite hand) but im doubtful. Trouble is, this guy has no real respect for the moula £ and has a face that is genuinely unreadable. We both play well. His recall of hands is great and there is little point in acting (he's always fucking about putting me on reverse reverse tells, isolating what i think are random betting patterns etc) .If he kept his hand out of the cookie jar he could rob me solidly all day long. Still, he doesnt so i put myself at a 40% dog until he's had 3 San Miguels- when i am catapulted to a 80% favourite. After beating him we shall be gogin up to St. Albans for what promises to be a memorable night.....erm on second thoughts probably wont remember. There should hopefully be a few of us with the lagendary Chris "beany" Bienemann keeping order amongst the rabble (me and dave most likely).

Saturday should be a good occasion to use my time online if the weathers shite- or doing a spot of shooting if its a fine day outside. Might take the missus to the cinema in the evening. Sunday however is going to be dedicated to bankroll building, solely playing SnG's on VC poker. With a little luck ill be in on the Party Poker freeroll by then but im not even sure i want to. Honestly the stuff iv heard about that company would make you cringe. Truly shite site by all accounts with customer service akin to a drunk bouncer at closing time.

So without further ado im going to share a little tip of the day with you. PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF EASILY OFFENDED BY WEAK/ well-known ADVICE.
I used this last week and i dont mind it as a play. I am not as refined a player as someone like Andy Ward for example, who knows monster amounts about EV etc. I play players, stacks, basic odds and cards. Im hoping to add a little bit of EV to my play.......ESPECIALLY with regard to playing ultra-short stacks which was a post i found well interesting (cheers Andy, Keith "the camel"). Ok in a typical $20 SnG on Ultimate Bet its down to 7 handed and the blinds are starting to cut. I have an average stack of about 2.5k. Blinds are at about 100/200 (this isnt a perfect memory recall) Im round the back with Pocket 10's and a player under the gun raises 4*BB and has a stack of 1300 left. Now i have notes on this guy, and sadly he has a red dot over his head, but im not prepared to throw this hand away just yet. Why?
Ok, i know that the blinds are going up soon(ish). I know im not going to get great hands all night long. And i know that he knows this and has effectively commited himself to the pot with this raise. I can rule out AA or KK as he would slow-play these UTG. Now i have him on QQ,JJ,AK,AQ,AJ,or possibly 99 or 10,10 too. Now the likelihood of this being AK or AQ is high, and i have him married to the pot with me being a slight favourite, so i could go all in and dance right? But its not in my nature and not my style to play these 50/50's where i could in fact be a huge dog. He plays like me. If the board comes rags and he has an overpair he will check it to me, if he has AK he will slide. So i call him preflop, board comes rags, he goes all-in instantly and now i KNOW he has AK so call knowing im a strong favourite.
Amateur i know but there might be someone out there that likes it.


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