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Monday, February 27, 2006

just finished a hectic weekend. Got up to $760 through playing $25 sng's and then bit off more than i could chew. Played a $20 re-ruy tournie, finished around the bubble. I was had invested about $60 and wanted to make my money back. Oh my i am a cunt. There were chips for the taking around the bubble, and i layed down BIG cards to a huge table bully because i wanted the payout for 28th place. Repeat- im a cunt. I played well up till then, had an astonishing cards and then flapped around like a fanny. Never again!!!! I think i had invested more than i was used to for an MTT and played outside my comfort zone. Iv just been reading Andy Wards spiele, he's a fine writer and i can only hope he does well. Im not gonna get my nose too brown but its nice when someone gives you genuine advice when you ask for it, points you in the right directions and is genreally a nice guy......must be something in the river Lee. He sells pretty cool T-shirts too. getitquietly.blogspot.com.
I started playing the $50 sngs this weekend. Players were weaker than the $25 level. Im not gonna whinge about it too much but i could have done with not getting sucked out on ONCE in a while. Tilted after 4 Bad beats and then lost another $90 in a /.50/1.00 cash game. Penis i am, i know luck plays more than its fair part in this game yet i still cant swallow it. Fuck em. Rich yuppie yank bastards selling daddies share in apple and hitting their fucking 2-outers every time. I might just wait till i flop quads, they are the only thing that doesnt appear to screw me over.....nah theyd propably lose to 6 of a kind.

Played last night in a cash game round robbies house. Im trying to tell this guy to read some literature but he's having none of it. Ah well.....horse to water and all that. Thing is he could be v.good if he engaged the grey matter and applied a little method. Played badly till i got a rush of cards and was up to about £50 (30 profit). Ended up hu against Oli. The bastards way too cute and he absolutely screwed me over in 2 hands, iv christened him Oli "the wordsmith" Nicholls. He took all my money. BUT had the decency to send me a goodnight text at 2am for comfort ;)

Tip of the day. Fattening your lamb before sunday. ADVICE for amateurs only as ever, this is supposed to be advice to my mates that are LEARNING.

IF there is a very aggressive player sitting to your left in the late stages of an SnG with 3 or 4 left, you should know not to complete your small blind unless you have a hand as he will raise and you will be giving him your $. So let the bastard think you are just gonna keep donating to him. you complete small blind, fold to his AI raise. Do this every so often till you get that hand. Any meduim and up pair will do, but a nice one is any Ace/ meduim and up kicker. If he has any sense he will be moving in on you with any Ace. Just trap him knowing that he (more than likely) only has 3 outs as his Ace is dominated. Sadly, it went wrong for me in the $20 rebuy the other day when i checked the hiltons and called his all-in raise. my lqdies got busted as soon as that Ace hit the flop, but...you see what i mean. Let him think ur a fool, poker players like to think they know it all.

Gutshot tomorrow. Tournament should be pretty good fun barring when my AA all-ins get called by the entire table "because i was getting value" and proceed to get snapped by some monkey hand. Cest la vie

Good luck to Dave and Rob tommorow, god damnnit you will need it.


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