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Thursday, March 02, 2006

bollocking fuckbags. Bankrolls gone tits up on both accounts. Played a lot opn Tuesday night at Gutshot. Tournament started badly with JJ beaten by QJ, then JJ beaten by K,9s during the re-buy period. THEN after re-buy i get a split pot with my QQ v KQs (AGAIN) and then get semi-short stacked. 2 Limper in early position (its beginners night) i find A9 and push. I get called by KJ and my hand stands. New guy (lots of chips) sits down to my right and say's i was rooting for your A9 as KJ is such a shit hand. Next hand, UTG (new guy) limps. I find AKs in EP. My stack is 3.5k and blinds are at 100/200. I raise to 600 and get 2 callers (1 guy called all-in for his last 400). UTG (huge stack says all-in). Im looking for tells. He looks fearless and did slam his chips down. I think he's acting strong. I then see his hand shaking as he shields his cards. WARNING!! WARNING!! I now know he has aces. I tell him it stinks of aces. BUT, my left shoulder starts whispering in my ear and i say to myself "its beginners night, he looked nervous" ignoring the tell he has no control of (shaking) and going with my read of him as being very strong and giving off a reverse tell of being weak. I call he flips snake eyes, im out. 1st time iv been outplayed and lost to a legitimate hand by a good player. I tell him i want him to win it now and i think he final tabled. Well done sir.
I then played till about 4am on Tinternet at the gutshot with Dave. We played a few SnG's and got ridiculously unlucky in 2. Then we played good poker and won some before losing some. Logged a small win. Played again on wednesday and lost LOTS. Bankroll in each account has been decimated and both now stand at about $100. Time to grind. Im playing cash for a while now until im back up to $200 on each. My contract expires 1st april and im asking for a big pay-rise. If i dont get it never mind i can get plenty of work. Iv set myself the huge task of building my bankroll to $2k on VC and $1k on UB by this date. If i can do that im gonna give the online thing a go for a month, see how i fare and decide on whether its worthwhile. By then the weather should be pretty nice so ill be looking to work outside, possibly a bit of roofing (manual labour and sunshine is a nice idea). Will also be looking at 3 or 4 night shifts for Science research groups. Money is good but the thought of spending lots of time indoors for another 3 months isnt my idea of living life to the full. Come august im going to Madagascar hopefully for a 6 week expedition on coral reef conservation. Then im going to do a bit of Indonesia (hopefully the missus will come along for the ride). This year is really a year for me to decide what im going to do for the next 3 or 4. Working in an office is not happening. I fully appreciate the need for £ but im not selling my soul and wasting my youth inside pushing paper, id rather risk it all on some insane business idea. Iv got a couple in the pipeline just need to meet the right ppl (indonesia). If (when) i lose it all, fuck it ill max out a few credit cards, stick the money where no one can find it, sell all my wordly possessions and declare myself bankrupt. Unethical? So are the cunts that think up mass mailing people that turn 18 with Gold and Platinum credit cards on 16%apr.


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