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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Played some .25/.50 cash last night. I love it 6-handed. I call it rock bashing. I routinely get "how can you call a $4 raise pre-flop with that shit"...answer...."because ill break ur ass for $50 when i hit". Had a really nice run on 2 tables last night and it was rapidly developing into my biggest cash win ever. Id tilted up 2 ppl on the table and we were all sitting with about $50-100. I was showing huge bluffs, doing some moves, changing gears and playing my A game. Until this hand. I get AA on the button. EP (good,crazy player) makes a raise to $10. I re-raise to $30. Small blind and original raiser call. Flop comes 4,6,J. SB raises, EP calls, I go all-in for $55 more. They both go all-in. Small blind has J10, EP has 67diamonds, with 1 diamond. Pot is over over $220 and J,10 hits trip Jacks for the main pot ($160) and EP hits runner runner diamond for the flush. Fuckers!!! Never mind, the fact that i get these ppl to play those cards for a $30 raise is testament to my theory of tilting a table. Next time fishies....

Bankroll took a little dip last night (tilty) but i recovered a bit later on. Im gonna rape em after the Arsenal Game tonight. Alas...there has been no room for my political views on this site thanks to the massive numbers of readers and all the people commenting and asking good questions.... ... ..

So iv got ANOTHER blog on its way entitled "rootingforbirdflu.blogspot.com"

Tip of the morning. Try and pick up tells from your freinds when they bet. failing that cheat.


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