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Friday, March 03, 2006

Good day all. after a relatively useless 10-day period things are picking back up .. A LITTLE. Made a few $ last night playing .05/.10 NL. Was forced to play like a rock because these games are so loose anyway. I dont mind playing like a rock on multi-tables because:-

a) no-one at these stakes is good enough to bother working out if im multi-tabling (5 tables but i find 3 is optimal if stakes get ANY higher).

b) its AB poker. You have to do nothing. Just wait for a good hand, bet it and let someone pay you off. Im glad i have enough experience online (5 years on and off) at NL cash games that i think i have a life skill in being able to beat these baby games. Bankroll has increased a wee bit. Going to grind again tonight and saturday, i need to get enough. Im going to win a TEC if it kills me tonight as im playing in a big weekend multi on UB this weekend as my reward for being patient, disciplined and rocky. I love the fact i just said that. Its almost as if i look down on all the boring sods that sit there for hours on end like a boulder. Of course some twat always pays them off now and then but ....not me.

Im going to play some $10 SnGs on VC once im back up to $150 on saturday night. Ill play 3, evaluate and either carry on or go back to cash.

TIP of the day. Youve just won a big multi (its only happened to me 3 times in probably WAY more than 1000 attempts) and you want to blow some steam. Say youve won $700 and fance a gamble. Sit down and play $1/2 limit with $100. Thats quite good fun but you wont destroy yourself. If you run good you can treble up ur buy in if its drunk-rolling time.

Another tip. seen a well-monied table with a few tilty players? want to liven it up and get a bit more action? Buy in for the minimum a couple of times on a $1/$2 game. I saw this the other day. Bet really hard with good hands. Position means shit and the good players get frustrated and dont try and play you without monsters. WHY? they are getting 0 implied odds coz uv only got $20 with you and they are not gonna get paid substantially if they hit their baby pair or suited connectors. I know i personally hate it when people buy-in for the minimum amount. Also, been chatting to a very nice chap who's had a few big wins now and has got it together. His blog has been linked.


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