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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Been playing a little this week. Usually after the gym or football and while eating my dinner :)
Dont know why but iv found a rich vein of form lately and had a superb run in the $10/15 SnG's. 5 wins on the trot, followed by a third place and another win. Bankroll management is going well. Played very few multi's lately mainly due to a lack of tournaments that appeal to me. There is the daily 20k gtd and a few gtd Sunday tournies that are really good value. The large prize money on offer tends to attract our aquatic friends in abundance. Been deep a few times but been caught out late on. AQ is a hand that im lately finding impossible to play. Its getting me into really deep trouble all the fricking time. You cant stand a re-raise with it (realistically your up against AK,AA,KK,KK,QQ or sometimes JJ.....but it seems to good a hand to waste. I wont play it in EP anymore. I limp in MP also if there are aggy players behind becasue its such a huge bleeder.

A good tournament if you want to hone your skills is the $25 no-lim on VC at approx 8/9pm weekdays. Standard is very high and it allows you to play "proper" poker where the players are strong. Holding JJ i flopped middle set on a board of AJ4 rainbow. 2 tables away from FT. Up against a very strong Chip leader i thought he put in a standard continuation bet with AK when he bet into me. He bet into me on that board with AA. Jesus. I just couldnt put him on that. Tournie over :(

Im off to sunny Southend this weekend to partake in drinking and football......no i havent had my passport confiscated...its a mate's birthday and there's 18 of us going (how Chav is that?).

Gl all.

Tip of the day. AQ is a chip bleeder. Dont play it unless ur desperate... or a short stack is.


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