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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just spent about 2 hours playing on the .10/.20 tables, multitabling 4 at a time and playing solid poker. Registered a losing session of about -$20. I now remember the good (bad) old days when i would grind out small cash wins on UB simply waiting till i flop the nuts. That is what the games are like down there. Honestly, i think some of the .10/.20 cash game players are incredible. So measured.... and tighter than a Catholic virgin on Sunday, in church. Not sure what ill do now as the game plan has taken a hit. Historically Saturday nights are were i win. Ill let this session go but i cant see me being able to do well enough down here to beat the rake. Might have to go back to grinding the SnG's where the variance is lower and the skills needed harder to learn (who am i kidding).
On another note, i injured my leg playing footie on Thursday and my GOD its fucked now. The knee joint barely moves anymore. A huge congrats to Liverpool FC and Stevie G. Fucking Awesome is all i can say about his second goal. The commentator got it spot on when he said it was like a tracer bullet. Very unlucky for the Hammers, but with the quality they showed they will get other chances. Cant wait for Wednesday now. Arsenal in the Champions League. If we win (doubtful, i reckon we are about 2/3 ;) ) ill be taking £140 of "me mate dave's" hard earned (ROFL) pounds. Seeing as im funding his education through these fucking taxes ill view it as a rebate.

Ill check in later. Gonna have to pimp ukgatsby.blogspot.com

Coz i STILL cant get the link right.

GL all


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