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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Records Management
Due to recent online disasters through poor money management I have decided to start keeping record. There is a nice facility for this on the http://hendonmob.comif you wanna try it out. But this blog is where I am going to keep score. Starting from today every score will be recorded and every session logged. Im going to use today (boss’s day off ;) ) to design a spreadsheet specific for my needs. I will be setting online and live goals.

To turn my starting bankroll into 50* the starting amount. Ill be playing mainly cash games where I know my hourly rate is v.good. Starting bankroll is £100 so 5k by 2007 is the plan. This will be from playing solely on VC poker where the table layout is nice and the customer service excellent.
To win outright 3 Luton tournaments.
To play more live tournaments THAT ARE APPROPRIATE TO MY LEVEL OF PLAY. No more £100 freezeouts until I win a £10 rookie night.
To use correct money management skills and not risk going broke on any 1 hand. An absolute maximum of 10% of my bankroll on any 1 table. This will drop to 8% and then 5% at predefined intervals as we move North ;)
To final table in the 15gtd at least once a fortnight. I have a strong record in this tournament and this will be one of the only online tournaments I play- and ONLY after winning the buy-in from cash games.
To practice good game selection and GREAT seat selection.
To practice good poker, whatever that may be.
To continue learning.
To keep record and update this blog religiously.
To not play when I feel tired, upset, tilty or if not 100% focused on the job in hand.
DISTANT GOAL- to final table in the $100k gtd. This tournament will only be being entered once my roll has reached £2k.
To get enough traffic on this blog to sell some advertising space ;)

So there you are. Those are the goals and im going to stick like glue to the game plan.
Results- from last night.
Starting roll = £108
Finishing roll = £135
Duration = 65mins
A nice starting session. Simply focused on targeting known weak players and loose tables and went from there. Could have been more but never got the hands at the right times. Made money when holding JJ in EP. I raised and got 2 callers.Flop was the magic J55 with 2 hearts. I bet small and get 2 callers, the trick here is to bet hoping that they have a flush draw. You can’t charge people on the river after they have missed all draws (also adds deception but on this table that REALLY didnt matter). Turn 8h putting the flush out. I bet small again and there is a raise and a call. I opt to flat call this but in retrospect could maybe have made more by betting. River is an A. I bet and get raised. Late position, a very strong player lays down the nut flush I believe…I re-raise and the poor sod has A5. Big pot that 1. I had some more winning hands by purely focusing on bad players and the silly little things they do. Failing to protect top trips on a flushy board then getting maried when the 3rd spade comes for example. Or getting married to big pairs when an overcard comes along. Or being bluffable when a scare card comes and I have position.
I don’t play good enough poker to beat about 35% of the players out there. But I don’t need to. I must continually recognise this.
But the 1st day is over. I kept score, logged my results and as an added bonus made some $…. A moot point. Im in for the long slog now. Ill move up to .50/1.00 when I have £650. Which at my usual rate ($18/hour) should "only" take 36 hours. Add some bad luck, setbacks and tournament buy-ins and I guess 50 hours is a more realistic figure. Wish me luck and all the best to each and every one of you. (Editors note: that’d be 5 of you then :)).


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