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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This is unashamedly pinched from Iggy’s blog. But I liked it and, if we keep really quiet, he will never know.
Ill give a detailed post in a week or so, work is busy and im looking forward to it, funnily my poker is just the opposite. COME ON THE ARSE!!!!!!

THE EDGAR ALLEN POKER GAMEBy: Phil Cerasoli'Twas past midnight, damp and dreary, I in bed awake but wearyTrying vainly to establish with sound slumber a rapport,When I heard a sound so muffled, sounded like cards being shuffledComing from the other side of my sturdy bedroom door.I tossed and turned and said, "It is the wind and nothing more".But the sound it was remaining. With bravado in me drainingI donned my robe and tiptoed to my sturdy bedroom door.I opened it a crack, peeked out and saw the backOf a man who was just sitting, playing cards upon the floor."'Tis a nightmare of my mind," I said, "Just this and nothing more".'Twas a cloak draped 'cross his back and a Raven, shiny black,Was facing him and pacing in a circle on the floor.My jaw dropped when I heard the soft voice of that huge birdSaying, "Deal me in this card game for a couple hands or more".And the man tossed four chips to him; four blue chips and nothing more.Then I must have made a sound, for he slowly turned aroundAnd his face was pale as misty, eerie fog that hugs the shore.Then he whispered to me low, "I'm the ghost of Allen PoeWho has come here to play poker as I did in days of yore.'Tis a poker game I'm craving. Only this and nothing more"."Won't you sit in for a while?" he asked me with a smile,"It will make a better card game than it was an hour before".And, not wanting to incite him, I slowly walked beside himMeekly asking what the stakes were as I sat down on the floor."Penny-ante," said the stranger. Quoth the Raven, "Nothing more."From the start I had a streak of luck that reached its peakBy my winning all the pennies that the two had owned before.Then the man said, oh so slyly, (as the Raven grinned so wryly),"This low stake game we're playing I'm beginning to abhor."Then by all means", said the Raven, 'we should surely play for more".Then the man, with gesture bold, from his cloak withdrew some goldIn a bag that was so heavy that to move it was a chore.His sly look I failed to heed for my soul was filled with greedAs I saw the golden coins from the sack begin to pour."Yes," I whispered weakly, "We should surely play for more".Then he said in voice so solemn as he stacked coins in a column,"The hour grows late; I'm weary, so we'll play but one hand more.If you win, my gold you'll own. If I win then it's your homeThat will be mine to have and keep...to keep forevermore".Quoth the Raven: "Evermore".I said, "That's fair, I feel." Then the man began to dealAnd the cards I had were aces and the aces numbered four.I said, "My hand is pat and I'm only sorry thatThe pot has been established and that we can bet no more."Quoth the Raven: "Bet some more!""He speaks true," I then was told, and the man pulled out more goldAnd tossed it with the other coins that were strewn across the floor."But I cannot match your bet," I sadly said, "but, yet,I must have something left; something you two would adore".Said the Raven, "You in bondage. Only this and nothing more"."He speaks wisely", said the man. "If you want to bet, you can.But lose and you're our slave and servant now and evermore".I stared at my four aces, smiled and looked at my guest's faces,Sealed the bet and spread my aces down and out across the floor.Said the Raven in a whisper, "I see aces numb'ring four!"The face of Poe just glowered as his poker hand he lowered'Til it covered my four aces that were resting on the floor.Then amid a quiet hush, I saw his small straight flushAnd knew that I was beaten and was doomed forevermore.Said the Raven, "You in bondage here and now and evermore".Now on dark nights, cold and dreary, my sore body grows so wearyAs I dust and wash and clean and sweep the droppings on the floor.While my master and his Raven live in comfort in their havenWith their slave who's held in bondage, held in bondageEvermore.
As a side note I want people’s opinions.
After Arsenal beat Juventus in the 1st leg of their CL ¼ final I was owed £20 by a good friend. He offered me 6-1 on Arsenal winning the comp for the £20. I reasoned that was a good price so took it. We since qualified for the final. After looking at Barca recently (and getting scared I might lose) I offered him a deal, instead of the existing bet- he would pay me £60 now and we would play HU for £20 where I was freerolling. So if I win the poker, I get £80 and if I lose I get £60. He accepted and brilliantly outdrew me in a way only the "artist" can. Did I make a good deal on the footie? I think it was fair.


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OK OK, the actual LAYOUT of this is shit, thought it would be same format. Ill fix it, but when the bosss aint lookin ;)

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