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Monday, June 12, 2006

Quick post while im eating my sausage sarnie before work. Well i say "work" loosely coz im walking up and down a river all day in the sun ;)
Had a very good time of it online lately. Had some really good streaks on the $20/15 SnG's and am playng some of the best poker in my life. My form in the multi's has been dire. I dont know why but i either get sucked out on or i run into a huuuugeee hand late on. Deffo need honing so im going back to the books. Finally run my bankroll up into something workable, was hovering around the $3/5 SnG level for waaaay too long but there we go . Working with $500 which will allow me to start playing the juicy cash games once again.
In terms of the objectives i set myself its going ok. I have been practicing good bankroll mgt and havent got carried away in the multi-s. BUT i havent been keeping score. Its normally because i finish late and really cannot be fucked with logging all my results when i have work the next day.

gl all, over.


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