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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Absolutely killing the cash games at the moment. I mean, i just turned $160 into about $400 in 46 minutes. AND that was including losing the 2 biggest pots i have ever played in.
I have AA in BB. A guy who has just sat down with $100 raises to $10. 2 callers!! I opt for a no-nonsense, this is worth winning right now approach and go all-in. 2 callers. A $280 pot. Im up against QQ and JJ. All looking good till the bastard fucking river brings a dreaded Queen. And the cheeky cunt types, "shit-it". You'll be alright son.
Other than that tournaments been showing no sign of form. Playing one at the moment, the 15k gauranteed $27 rebuy. And yes, here it comes. I raise 3*BB with AKo. BB thinks for a moment, then re-raises me all-in. Im in no mood for "what if he has aces bullshit" and call in a heartbeat. Can you guess what he has? 5 fucking 5. Can i hit anything? Would i sound so pissed off if i had?

So yeah, cash games are good, tournaments are wank. You play ultra-sound for 4 hours, come close to a nice score, then some donkey re-raises you with AJ SOOOOTED and sucks out on your AK for nealry all your stack. Not all your stack, oh no. They leave you with 500 chips for you to wait patiently for a hand. You go all-in, and it doesnt even amount to the small blind. Then you win!! At last, a glimmer of hope. Shot lived. The "pro" thinks he can move you off KK with a "make you call for all ur chips move with 87s and hits, then he types gg, ul". I wanna rip these fucks heads off. The good thing is shit players are regularly winning tournaments. This means this money will circulate back round eventually, to me, chief fucking constable of the bad beat police.

GL all

_(This sentence has been removed as i felt it was excetionally rude)_


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

You better hurry up and win shitloads mate coz i doubt your career in the United Nations will ever take off ;)


11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know where you live.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Cool, come round for Tea.

9:45 PM  

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