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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Playing well, enjoying my poker, but still havent had a real result in MTT's. SnG progress is going really swimmingly, but my live form continues to be poor.
Played a £25 super satellite for a £750 tournie happening in August yesterday eve. Worked my starting stack up from 1k to 6.5k with relative ease, mainly by flopping big one, and tripling up versus 2 flush draws also. Then i donked off 1.5k with KQo after 3 limpers and a continuation bet.
Ended the rebuy period with 5.8k.
Then this hand which was the very 1st time i could have pulled a squeeze play and am mightily pissed off i didnt. Early position raise from a medium stack who is pretty good, folds around to Mr Rock who flat calls. There is now 200+400 + 1000 + 1000= 2600. I look down at AQs. I have 5k, ep raiser has 3k left and Button has me just covered. I should have pulled the trigger, but just couldnt. Flat called, missed, damn. 2 hands later i get AKs UTG. I raise to 2000 commiting myself to the pot. BB ,Simon, an ultra-rock, intsa all-in's and i have a decision. Im not beating any of his holdings. I know this. He has AA,KK,QQ or AK. Most likely AA or KK. Arghh.... my heart and gut tell me im beat but my brain says ur getting 2-1 and you will be short stacked if you fold. What would you do, and why? I called after i couldnt put him on Aces or AK and went purely for pot odds. He has Aces, goodnight alex.

Cant believe i got outrocked. I shoulda chosen paper.......

Go check out the grinders blog btw, the guy has just had his 1st year of poker playing anniversary. I want to be there. I will be someday.


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