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Monday, August 07, 2006

Yesterday was enlightening. I have reached that point where you i invincible in every game i play. Obviously this couldnt be further from the truth but there is definite corellation between confidence and results. I won a seat for the £500 Pot limit event. Obviously, as i freaking hate the game thet'll be "cash please". Played some £50 SnG's yesterday where the standard was incredibly impressive. I mean REALLY REALLY good. I felt outclassed but i knew i could outdraw em ;)
I had to lay QQ in the 1st hand on a J high board to a read of real strength. They (yeah, THEY) both showed Aces. I saw middle set played beautifully - ie the guy roped a dope and got a treble up instead of a double up. Spoke to some people whose experience i admire. Poker Pete, what a nice man- 60 odd and still awesome. Also mightily let down by some of the crowd. I mean, there are some ridiculously grumpy, miserable assholes in this place. Its taken me how long to realise that?
But the stars outshine the blmishes. I poke to 2 young guns yesterday, Andy Nunn and another chap (oops, bad wiht names) who are both at the top of thier game. Listen to this for class. Justin Turner, a bit of a know all imo, asks this lad how long he has been playing after the guy made a good move against him. The lad says 3 years. What he is careful to omit is that he's in the magazine sitting next to Justin and recently final tabled in 3 big buy-in comps, coming second in Walsall i believe. Pure class.
Times are changing, a lot of the older generation do not have the experience needed nowadays. They have given up learning. 20-something hot-shots are ten a penny in the UK, we are in the midst of a poker revolution.

Im playing the £200 freezeout today, with the aim of making the second day. Also with the aim of avoiding any overweight stinking players who have written 2 marginally informative essays, posted on a forum and think they have the god-given right to be rude to newcomers. Not on.

Tip of the day. WHENEVER a sizable proportion of your chips are in jeapordy (sp?- think so) stop and think. A check-raise should virtually never be called. Be careful, wait to be dealt into good situations.

gl all, hope i can report on a big win, one that will kick start my career.


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