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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just lost a classic race in the 20k gtd when down to 100 players. This time someone tries to make me fold AK after i raised 1/2 my stack preflop. Erm, sorry son. He has JJ and the 1st card out is a J so no river agony. Lost a race at exactly the same stage yesterday. I had 88 and made a large re-raise against a short stack all-in and a big-stack call. Shortie has AQ, biggie A10. AA10 flop kinda kills any hope. Very frustrating this game.

A huge shout out to my lucky fishy mate Mr Robert Apple who will be competing in the £750 double chance freezeout tomorrow night. This is by far and away the biggest event any of my "crew" have ever played and lets all wish him the best of luck. With hope he will have learnt when to give up a hand and also when to realise he is being trapped. Barring that he is a highly aggressive player and when he gets chips he is virtually unstoppable.

Wont be playing poker for a while now, need a break as its been pretty intense lately and i wanna read Harrington volume 3 and Dave Ulliots "swimming with the devilfish".

Successfully moved up to $.50/$1.00 stakes in online cash games that i am earning well in.
I have found a method that seems to suit me. If i get more than $350, i withdraw. Simple as.
This way the tilt monster that i keep locked away most of the time can never really harm me, well, only for 200 quid.

As a side note, im a bit disappointed with the brits at the WSOP this year. Some disastrous bad luck for Sherwood, a mistake from Toshi and an appointment with the Vice police for an unnamed player ;). Said player (who has a wife so i should probably keep shtum, but fuck it) was at a bar when approached by a young, nubile young lady. She offered him her company for the evening and he answered with the immortal words that only a true English gent could have spoke- "how much". Bingo son, ur nicked. By all accounts they roughed him up pretty bad but, hey, for his unchivalrous 1-liner maybe he deserved it. How about "can i buy you a drink?", "where are you from?". No laws against entrapment out there all, you have been warned.

Found a good read the other day that i hijacked form Andy Wards comments page. rizenpoker.blogspot.com.
A good read and an insight into the world of the top online pro's.

Tip of the day. Dont be fooled. Once you have established a player as good, give him respect.
If you raise preflop with AQ, flop comes A35 with 2 clubs and you correctly bet near the pot and he calls be wary. If he flat calls another 2/3 the pot sized bet on the turn, shut down entirely without improving to the stone cold coconuts. He has got information from you. You are saying "im not giving you the correct odds to draw to a flush or str8". As he is a GOOD SOLID player who is calling here, he is thinking "ill let you think i am drawing as i have a made hand and ur fucked as you'll be pot commited to my large bet on the river".

Funny thing about NL holdem, you need to know your players AND have good card sense to win.


Blogger Toshiwonka said...

Good write up and very intresting insights...

Glad you highlighted the entrapment bit i thought it was illegal :)

Good job I'm a good boy!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Lol quality :oD

11:41 PM  

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