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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Superb. Had another cracking day obliterating the SnG's on VC. Played 23. Is that too many? I think so. But what the fuk i also went to my bro's 18th b-day meal and had a cracking sunday roast. A magnificent weekend. Back up to $500, $300 in a day and i moved slowly through the $5 and $10 SnG's. Made some new plays. I really like overbetting the pot with the absolute nuts when the opponent is a) chipped up, b) a calling station doubter. Its awesome when you double up and they are drawing dead.

The most important factor in these SnG's now is doubling through in that 1st big pot situation you get imo. After that you have "bad beat insurance" and can get outdrawn but still survive. After that you jsut use good short stack strategy and get back up. Or you bust and load up another. LOL.

Not playing tomorrow, i have footy and i want to bet fresh for tuesday night.

gl all. If you havent read it this is a cracking read that will take you hours to fully absorb.http://zbasic.com/pokerblog.html


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Nice to see you doing well.

If you want the zbasic added to your links send me details.



10:52 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Cheers Paul. But only proper players with good blogs get the luxury of being added to my page ;)
.....but im thinking of removing 1 or 2 unless things change. Ill keep you posted. PS. I wanted to ask you about "emergency play". I recently had internet problems in an MTT ($54 buy-in) and got blinded away, my 2 poker mates couldnt get online so i was wondering whether you would be up for continuing the games for me in return for a good %, (35/40?). Let me know.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Yeah no problem, Depends what site though as i notice you play on VC and i dont play there. U got the email addy, msn is same.


1:43 AM  

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