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Monday, August 14, 2006

Ouch. Just been beaten up in the cash games pretty bad. Ran 888 into AAA on a board of A584 for like $180. Then, i get rivered a yank on a flush draw for $230. That kinda sucked.
Also, i got a big stack in the 5k tournie i was playing by a mixture of luck and good fortune.
This happens. Blinds 400/800, middle stack in cutoff limps, then SB completes. I have 15k, middle has 6k, SB has 24k. I go all-in thinking i have about a 1% chance of getting called. SB thinks for a bit, then calls with pockets sevens. Shit. I look at my cards, 106s. No joy and im out. You might aswell tape a tail to my backside and make me give kids rides up and down the beach.

So, im not on a mission to recover lost $. As we all know, these missions ALWAYS end with me getting loads of money, being offered sponsorship and playing in every EPT event of the year. Failing that i do a Stuey Ungar and do my bollocks. Which outcome has the smart money on it?

gl me.


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