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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bit annoying this, i had a big cash afternoon lined up but the electrician came round and apparently he used to have a big gambling problem so i'm going to have to keep a lid on the poker as i think playing under his nose might rekindle old memories. So i thought id blog instead. Arsenal playing @ 5.15 and this is exactly the kind of fixture we used to get turned over in, away in the North to a bunch of bungling hard lardasses who slip the ref a brown paper bag.
Footy tomorrow and my body is still racked from the gym 2 days ago so it should be fun watching my hearty mate Paul try and kick me from pillar to post :)

Tonight im going to put my money into the game where i (think i have) have my biggest edge, Luton. Ill play the PL comp just to get some more PL practice in, in preparation for the Christmas Cracker where a couple of PL events might have to be played. But im really looking forward to the cash, my reads were excellent last time, and i picked off a monster bluff on a horrible board which really gave me a confidence lift. When you go with your gut time and again, you get better :)

I have a hectic Schedule for December. Just look at this- its like a baby scaled down version of a pro's.

Dec 1st Ultimate Bet Online Championship $200 FO 125k GTD.
Dec 3rd Ultimate Bet Online Championship $200 FO 250k GTD.
Dec 4th- Luton Christmas Cracker £200 NLHE FO.
Dec 5th Luton Christmas Cracker £200 PLHE FO or VC 50k Grand Slam Depending on how im running.
Dec 6th - Amsterdam with the missus.
7th- Latte
6th- Expresso
8th- Sober up.
Dec 9th Luton Christmas Cracker £750 NLHE ME.
Dec 10th Lutojn Xmas Cracker £100 PLHE FO or VC 60k Grand Slam.
Dec 11th through 15th Massive Cash sessions online to take advantage of the weaker players who will flock to the online sites whilst tucked up at home.

Dec 16th. EFOP Championship events @ Aviation Club, Paris. 1000 Euro Gold Chamiopnship NLHE FO.

Dec 17th 500 Euro NLHE FO Silver Championship or VC Grand Slam 75k (If you achieve 2 final tables sponsorship deal is on offer, so it might be worth a squirt given the amount of dead money in any holiday event). I predict this will hit 110k in prize money.

Dec 18th 250 Euro NLHE FO Bronze Event.
Dec19th through 22nd Game shooting in Hertfordshire. Im going to meet up with a couple of freinds, shoot enough for my mates mum to make us a game pie (absolutely the bollocks for winter eating), then retire to the pub to watch the footy/rugby while drinking real ales. :)
Dec 24th VC Grand Slam Final 100k gtd. (This will hit 200k easy i reckon).

So a hectic December that will cost me in the region of 5 grand. Luckily im flush at the moment but assuming i can keep my online form going with a couple of decent live results i should be having the best December iv ever had. No often you can do this in life so i reckon i might as well whilst im young and have few responsibilities.


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