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Friday, November 24, 2006

Hmmmm....made a few mistakes tonigth, and got unlucky a few times. Re-raised a serial blind thief and unfortunately he had the goods in the 20k, 80 players left. In the 5k i was on the bubble with AK when the button, then the SB went all-in. Hmmmmmm. I had AK and figured that SB knows Button is short and desperate, so AK is prolly winning. Also, if i win i have 45k with average 18k, so a good shot @ poduim. I call and get beat by A10 and A4. Never mind. A good mate of mine suggested i should be playing more @ Luton cash games. So with that in mind ill be playing there tomorrow and also next week a few times. So im still in the 15k and 3.5k gtd, so we shall see how it goes before whining too bad.
On a seperate note, get onto suffolkpunchpokers site and check out the Tony G grilling. Im sorry but what a grade A cock. Someone @ Luton last night informed me of how rude he was to Surinder Sunar at a big event- i would love someone to deck him in full flow.

gl all.


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