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Friday, November 24, 2006

Since Broadband still isn't up and running I played the Luton £20 Rebuy last night. Only 30 runners, i invested £20 and made the FT (but with a bowl of rice). I made a move with 82 in the BB after 4 limpers when the blinds were 600/1200 and i had 10k. I was called by 33 and a few of the older boys were very patronising. Fuck em. I'd still make the move again.
Anyways, came 9th in the end, ces't la vie.
Cash game was excellent. Cleared £850 profit, but had to stay up till 4.30am.
Big night online tonight, little sat to Aussie Millions, 20k, 40k, 15k, 10k, and both 5k tournies.

Hopefuly i can log a result, or even better, get a ticket for Aussieville.

Gl all.


Anonymous Alistair Brooker said...

Long time no see mate, I managed to find this site with a bit of googling, and thought maybe I should leave you a little message.
Don't understand much of what you are going on about on this page, but it sounds like you've been enjoying yourself after uni.
Hitting the big time with Poker eh? Sounds bold!!
Spoke to Brownlo last week and he told me you were hitting the big time, and earning a shit load of money too! So maybe all that time you spent in your room in the 3rd year payed off, even if you did drive us all nuts with the annoying dealing sounds.
Good to see that Matty is working for a good company in London now, dunno why, but I thought maybe you'd follow suit (you like that pun??) but obviously when money's there to be won I suppose you should grasp it!
I am working for an IT company near me now, and its going well. Start at the bottom and work up eh?
Getting pale again after a nice two weeks in the Maldives with the bird. You still hung on to yours?
I reckon we should meet up soon for drinks. Maybe before xmas if poss. Messaged Little Dave the other day and was meant to be seeing him this month, but it just hasn't happened. So I was thinking that maybe you, me, matty and dave should meet up for some drinks in town asap, as its been far too long.
Lok forward to hearing from you mate, and good luck with the next tournie.
Lots of Love

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Matt Brown said...

Nice one Staircase, ill be up for that.

Question for you Lex...

If u have one £600 and £850 profit from ur last two trips to luton to play the cash games, why dont you just go there all the time and clean up??!?

4:33 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Lo Staircase, aint seen you in time. Sounds like a good plan mate. Ill bell you next week.

Browny, iv only logged like 5 sessions so im not sure if its sustainable.
But im deffo playing up there a lot from now on.

Browny, you must know some good places to have a giggle up town, i know this 1 place......but ill have to tell you in person.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Matt Brown said...

yeah im getting to know a few places. mostly city boy places, and rich mans drinking dens! dont really venture up west that often.

i think i might have a rough idea of the place u are referring to!

10:03 AM  

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