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Monday, November 20, 2006

So this is it, my last day of "proper" work. Am i nervous, yes. Very. Poker is a fickle beast and i know that there's a fair chance im going to find it very tough going. However, if i aim to practice good game selection, play games where i have my greatest edge for the biggest risk/reward ratio....ill "be alright".
The main format for me is going to be the $50 SnG's. My starting bankroll is $10k- all other funds (there wasnt a lot) have been cashed in. Ill try and play 10 $50 SnG's a day, before getting stuck into the majors. Ill be playing on Tribeca mainly, UB for the bigger buy-in tournies ($200 Freezeouts plus) and on Full Tilt in a little while. Ill only play MTT's of $100 or higher if i satellite in.
I wont be playing cash games unless i feel extremely focused or its peak time and im looking good. The swings can be enormous and while if i run bad in a SnG fest it might cost me $300. In a Cash game that figure could easily treble. Im going to play really safe for the 1st couple of months. I really want to have a great run early to set myself up.
Wages shouldnt be a concern of mine for a while. I have few outgoings and over 6 months living expenses catered for without hitting my savings.

Here's hoping i get off to a winning week.


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