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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday 19th November 75k Guaranteed $54 rebuy comp. And other after i get knocked out the other comps too :)

Hand by hand guide as im a tad bored.

1st hand I play. A6d in the SB. I complete. Flop comes 356 with 2 spades, I bet 2/3 pot, 1 loose player calls. I put him on a draw obv. Jc on the turn. No reason to slow down, 2/3 pot again. He calls. River 9c. I intend to check/call hoping he bets a missed flush draw. Also if I bet he only calls if he beats me. He checks too, stack up to 4.5k.

Will be playing ABC and trying to get a good angle on the table. I’m noting how many times ppl enter pots, from what position etc...

Get dealt Aqc in the BB. 4 limpers, blinds 50/100 so I elevate to 400 to play. 2 callers. Flop comes ugly, QJ9. I bet 2/3 pot, both players fold. Up to 5300.

As a side note same guy keeps getting exceedingly lucky in the 5k rebuy. AA v 79 on a 785 board, all-in he hits a 9. I win a big pot and get the same stack as him then I get QQ. I raise preflop, board comes J97. Awesome, hopefully some donk has AJ. I raise, donk puts me all-in I call, he has AJ but he seems to know a J is coming on the turn. L

Dropped to 4900 in the 75k.

Just donked away all my chips, table needed loosening up. I had a hand!! Well, 77 after a raise prolly all-in aint a good idea.
He had JJ and another mate boy had 99. 9 on flop.
Prolly happened as a result of tilt on other table. Never mind, iv spent $150 on an image, that will hopefully set me up to win a lot of chips in a minute. Erm, or not, as iv just been moved. Awesome.
Going to play ABC now till I get chips, my brain isn’t working well enough for “moves” poker.
Well ABC with a huge portion of luck is working. In the 75k i just went AI with Aq on a Axx board and matey had AK. Q on the river was nice though.
In the 5k iv managed to get lucky a few times and then found KK, which earnt me a double up.
In the $25 fo I’m working 5k.

In the 75k im up to 17k. Average is 12k and apparently im in 61st place.

Just got a handy double up in the 5k event. I pushed 44 form the button after 1 limper and that was that. Flop of 3 diamonds game matey a flush, but i knew id house up, which i did.

I lost a few chippies in the $25 FO, but im still alive. Problem is, the $36 FO and the $15k rebuy are about to start L

Hurrah im a lucky fish. I just split with A9 v Aq pre when we both made a house, then i beat AA with 33, 3 on river was wonderful.

Just lost out in the 75k, tried to get some chips, 2 limpers, i make a power play with AK and bet the pot. Flop comes low hearts, i have A hearts, i shove. He insta-calls with 99. Gg me.

In the 5k i make the last 2 tables, then lose a monster pot (for 10% of chips in play) with AQ v donkeys Q10, with me all-in preflop. Ah well.

I’m playing ok, not quite got back my A game, but that involves me focusing 100% on 1 game.

I would be interested in the game theory behind multi-tabling MTT’s at the same time. Basically, i know im going to get bad beat/ out flopped a large % of the time. Bearing that in mind and given that i value my time online quite highly, i have always multi-tabled tournaments. That was my equity is spread over more games and my variance on any 1 night is reduced. It prevents me from playing for 7 hours in a major tournament, focusing 100% on the game, playing my A game, but ultimately getting donked out just before the FT by a moron.


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