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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I was playing the 15k gtd last night and had a massive hand trhat im not sure if a i misplayed.
I am 2nd in chips with 40 left. Holding 97 spades in the SB v the BB the flop comes 8s10s4h. IE oo str8 flush draw with 1 overcard. My stack is 100k, his 45k. Blinds 600/1200. Average 30k.
I bet 3/4 pot, he raises to 8k to play. I shove? He insta calls with Q9. I made the move as i thought he would pass, and i dont even mind if he has a set, infact im still 45% if he calls with a set.
After that i nicked my way back up and then had a moment of madeness on the bubble where i went ai with K8 when my BB was nicked. Really stupid as although $200 doesnt mean the world to me, it does cover the buy-ins.

Ah well, live and learn. But i might stop playing my monster draws quite so fast.


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