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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ok, so time to dish the dirt. Im running the london office of the uk pokerfarm. The website isnt quite up and running yet but the domain is thepokerfarm.com

The aim is to get hold of as many young, keen guys as possible and train them through the ranks. We have 15 players at present in the uk, but will be moving to a top spec office just before vegas, which means we need players. Lots and lots of players. The deal we are offering is better than anything else out there. Believe me i know how generally terrible staking deals are for the player. These deals are player dependant, but are amazing. I will be buying a place shortly close to our office (all poker is undertaken in-office, with only 1 remote player (v special circumstances) so if u want to live, eat and breath poker, email me on here.

Off to ept snowfest on weekend with a little fucking degen (no not u reynolds) so will hope to bink something, but mainly just going to get away from it all and do some thinking. Got a lot of shit going on in my life right now and working nonstop is taking its toll on me. Need to get those attractive in a weird way looks back.

Anyhow, im having a sick month, pretty sure im on a heater but still happy. Im kinda being a bit nitty with table selection, but iv set some new goals for this year. Namely, i want to win $300k and sustain a 10bb+/100 winrate at 400nl+. Pretty sure these are well within my sights, so lets see how we dooooo.....(graph in euros, im allowed a fucking brag once in a while seeing as cody just won a fucking ept, lewis is getting the lot without lifting a finger and moorman and pabs love circle encompasses just about every major score on every sunday ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can u post a contact e-mail address to get u at ???


2:02 PM  
Blogger Greekstein said...

Sick Graph. Grats Alexei Martino!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Bustout01 said...

J-Tilt wants in this summer i need a hole to crawl into and disapear for a bit so would suit me if ur looking for a rake monkey will sort a graph nearer to when im free to do it?

4:28 PM  

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