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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hi ppl, not much to report, been grinding my tits off, took some shots higher but they didnt workout too well. Nevermind. Going well with my students now, Stijn in particular seems to be super smart and will go really far in the game i think, just started with Pat but signs look promising, found a little goldmine new site too, which is awesome.

Pippa is doing well, growing quite fast i think, cant wait till shes big enough to take out as i can see her getting frustrated being restricted to the house and garden. Not long now before we go after those rats pips!

Gonna post on here that im taking on 1 more student in December (already got my other lined up), my rates have gone up a little as the exchange rate/ my portfolio is stronger, but email me at alexander_martin@hotmail.co.uk if you want 200-400nl coaching. I only take guys for a 4 week schedule, putting in 5/6 hours a week to really get ideas flowing, impart some thought process. I cant justify coaching higher as my winrate is super mediocre (3bb/100), but im 11bb/100 for 200nl this year playing a redline winrate/ blueline flatline 26/21/3 style.


Blogger Barry Carter said...

Pictures of dog please

11:45 AM  
Blogger Daniel Trett said...

Yo Alex, any chance of a link over to http://full-trett-poker.blogspot.com/? I've linked you up. gl

10:53 PM  

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