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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WSOPE, played the 1k friday, was a fun comp, as i find trip reports pretty boring to read i wont write one. All ill say is, Ian Frazer wasnt the tv donkey i expected him to be, Huck Seed was incredibly rude, French and Italian people are still at the top of my favourite nationalities to play poker against list and in general live poker is still super soft. Had a fun tournament, met all the usual suspects, thanks to Kerry Taylor for an unwarranted and very generous late night lift home, grats to JP on making the second hurdle on the way to his nickname manifestation and fair play to the organisers in not joining the 10k starting chips brigade. Was fun and deepish the whole way through. I think i busted 65th/700 odd with 62 getting paid or something. Not much i could do with 88 and 17bb, apart from win a flip v AK 1 time all tournament. Think that was the telling part tbh, i think i got outplayed twice, lost 3 coinflips, lost 2 30/70's and held twice as a 70/30. Thats my tournament report. Sigh.

Getting the dog tomorrow, hopefully she wont go chewing through cables and stuff as im running quite good at the moment and could use some consistency. As usual i speak to most of the circuit regs at one time or another at these things and am consistently amazed by how much fucking money they all make. Toasty life. Nobody loses?

Wanting to get a bit more of a spark in my game as i think its getting a little tired, so im taking on two students from 2+2 for 200nl coaching. Think its a pretty good deal for them plus hopefully ill be able to build my portfolio as a coach, plus another revenue stream is fine by me. Some of these coaches charge up to $300 an hour for 200nl coaching, which i understand is probably justified, but i seemed to get a hell of a lot of response after graphing this years results and charging $60/h. Hopefully ill get the 2 guys i want, iv generally found the people that are most keen to do anything are the most enjoyable to spend time with at said activity, so with a little luck ill form up some good relationships and help them make more money.

As it stands im writing a piece for insidepoker on how to exploit shortstacks at midstakes on a cold evening on my own in my glorified shed. :( At least tomorrow ill have my dog as company. Im turning into a sad git. :P


Blogger Yorkshire Pud said...

If it's a pup invest in a hot water bottle and a clock that ticks that you can wrap up in a towel and it'll help it sleep on its first night away from its mum.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Barry Carter said...

As someone in a very similar boat to yourself, let me tell you, a dog is the best thing you can do. So nice to break up the day walking your mutt and they make you laugh all the time.

Post plenty of pics please

9:00 PM  
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Anonymous Linda said...

The new students should help.

9:41 PM  

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