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Thursday, September 10, 2009

And its time again for your quarterly update. I am now officially in our new house, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Starting to feel like home, but i wonder just how long that really takes? The place looks the absolute bollocks, had a housewarming last weekend with a really good turnout, thanks to all of you that came (especially those of you that left me with loads of beer). I had a great time, burning food, seeing freinds, then obviously getting absolutely blotted with one of my equally best mates, Sebastion mfkin Gray. Was good catching up w the old Doctor, also great to see mates from uni Matt plus especially Al, plus the usual suspects.

Starting to get a bit of a routine, which is quite nice. I dont use the car basically at all anymore, as everyhing is walking distance. Gonna get rid of the old banger soon and get a bike too, might aswell be a bit greener if im gonna rabbit on about it. Im a perfect hypocrite (sp?). Going to the gym daily now (as its only 200 yards away), plus running daily over the common (although secretly i sell it to the dark side of my brain as "fishing reconnaisance missions" as i run tight to the lower river lee, where the chub are gargantuan but there are rumours of big barbel in the weirpool, ill be having a go as soon as we get some heavy rain.....) Not had a cigarette sober in like 6 weeks now, did have a few at the housewarming when we went to Hertford, but tbh i was smashed and i crumble after drink. Enjoying playing poker in the shed, connection isnt amazing though, probably cost me about $300 this week so far in DC's, which is annoying, but iv got the best equipment/service we can recieve, so ill have to build a bridge (and get over it obv, i dont have a clue about actually bridging wireless networks).

Poker been decent of late, iv really lacked focus so taken a decision to play 200nl for a couple of weeks to get hungry again. I kind of get desensitised to big pots sometimes playing higher and its not good for MY game, as this leads to longer term destabilistation of my usual level mindset, which leads ultimately, to monkey tilt. Had some decent online results for $4k and $8k respectively, which is always a nice little bonus. Im massively off target for the year, but thats partly due to the Blackbelt fiasco and a long drawnout house renovation (that admittedly i have minimal involvement with) and the move itself, which was easier than i though (coz my missus when shes in a good mood is a diamond and did so much to ease the passage).

Looks like marc Goodwin just came 2nd in the Barca EPT which must be pretty gutting. I mean i know hes just shipped mad dimes, but he really should have won an international major like this in the last few years, everyone i speak to has commentated on how good his game has got. I dont know him, but wp, ul. I do wonder if he netted enough to payoff Ivey on that little golf game though..........

Lots of stuff coming up in London soon, and im deffo gonna play at least some of it. Really like the look of the 6max ept side event and probably gonna swerve that £1k crapshoot @wsope, might try some satellites to the biggy however, even though im -5k in wsop/e qualifications. Which is ridiculous (unless i ship the next time or 2, or is it??..?). Much better ways to spend money and we owe a fair bit of red paper, so will prbably have to put a dent in that before getting involved in gukpt stuff again.

Played some WCOOP stuff this week, continuously amazed at just how soft therse fields are. Particularly piss off about running terrible in the 4max and a big annoyed i lost 99 v A9s with 1/4 field left for ok chips. Nevermind. If i could have a piss break when i wanted, i think id play more of these mtt's, the player quality is astonishingly bad compared to what i normally encounter. So probs gonna play some donkaments (gg flushy) the next couple of weeks, probably selling some and playing a shit load of 200nl, till i feel ready to take on 600nl Euro on ladbrokes again, which im doing my reg homework on (thanks Dan Rudd). Will be nice to get into the fight with sick knowledge about my opponents and them not having a scooby about me.

Will post again on the weekend, with a couple of rants about things that are pissing me off in the world, plus some photos of MY HOUSE! later


Blogger The Sicilian said...


re: ur connection u can get wireless extenders that just plug into your electric outlets to give you full signal see link below


from Dean 'The Sicilian ' Morris

1:36 PM  
Blogger footloose said...


was hoping for some poker advice/chat if you have time it would be appreciated. mattyi15@hotmail.com

footloose (Matt)

11:25 AM  
Blogger Robert "Animal" Price said...

nice to meet u again alex, hopefully nxt time we can drink to celebrate sommat instead of mutual bubble busts !!!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Yeah was good to meet you too mate, ended up crashing round kellets horrible hotel after getting wankered in the bar lol. See you soon.

6:50 PM  

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