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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Howdie ladies. Im working late at the office (working?...) in preparation for the Arse tonight. We are gonna thump those dirty Spaniards. Hell they dont know what rain looks like do they. I pray we dont sit on the 1-0 win. If we give them something to worry about and more importantly score the 1st goal then we could thump these small-town arrogant twats. I was gonna check what odds id get on 7-1 but decided against it. Theres always a chance we could get the eighth in extra time. Heres something to liven your day up, damn Jessica Alba is Fine.

Im supposed to be playing this lass later heads up for £10 but im afraid the Arse comes first.

Can you tell i havent got the hang of importing photos yet....ha well. May you tilt every fish at ur table and dodge bullets.


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