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Monday, June 19, 2006

had a bad run of late. got the bankroll up to nice heights of approximately $600 and moved a small amount to another account to play in ther WSOP babay satellites. Then hit a horrible streak of 4th places. I think its because of 2 main factors. Iv been playing too many games at once (6) and i have have really suffered through variance lately. Suffice to say i am now building again after craxhing to aprox $200. Been playing some fine poker lately and il divulge a few choice new plays a little later. As for the world cup, it looks like we are trotting along just nicely. A result is a result and while we may not look like beating Agrentina any time soon, our defence looks very strong indeed. Apart from Ashley cole. Who looks a bit shit tbh (and thats coming from an Arsenal boy).
With a little luck and some gelling we should have a v.good chance.

Poker. Continuation bets. Thou shalt only continuation bet if you have a hand that misses flop (JJ on board of A78 if there is that all-important A there. Most callers preflop have a medium pp. an A high board is very scary to them.
Hurrah, just made a final table for the 1st tim in ages :).....And my AK hold up against AJ.

Ill turn this into an active account of whats happening ;) 3k gauranteed tournie. $20 rebuy and 65 runners. I just got dealt JJ otb. Loose aggy player in EP raises 6*BB. I think he has a
smaller pp and tbh he is shit so i go all-in. He has AQ! shite!....I WIN!!! get in!!!Quick loook around, im 3rd in chips!!! CL has 135k!! 2 shorties. Im playing TIGHTER THAN A DUCKS.....having said that i just stole the blinds with J8s :)
This lot are going crazy. Down to 6 players. Get in!...only 1100 for 1st but fuck it i would LOVE that.
Just knocked out a shortie!!
Down to 5.
Im on 58K. Rest are 123,23,33 and 68k respectively from me clockwise.I just raised with A10 and got called. Flop came KQ10. I had to fold to an all-n raise from a player who is good. Down to 40k. Looks like this chap to my right is very aggy, lots of MOVES.
down to 4
I get KJ in the SB. Flop comes 10QK. I check-raise all-in when aggy player raises a bit.
This lot are WAY too active for the blind level. A game time. This guy to my right is a little fucker who keeps stealing.
Patience and Discipline. Getting low, they are picking on me :(
Down to 31k. Blinds are 3/6k. Ill go ai with anything in a mo.
Down to 3!!!
Break is on, i am the Shortiest little tiny stack on 28k. They have 217k and 68k. Time to get busy in a moment. Top heavy prize structure means i have to get to work quickly. Im going to focus on the guy with 68k coz i can do some real damage to him. 217 will prolly call with anything. 370 for 3rd, 700 for 2nd. But most importantly, a bit of a result after some really bad luck lately. This must be such a weird read. GL TO ME!!
Short lived, i get A6 otb. I obv go all-in, He insta calls with A8. No help, 3rd place :(

tip of the day: back the Argies this year!!!!

Up to 53k CL has


Blogger OK said...

Get in there!

You left it a bit late to start pushing but I love the check raise with top pair and the str8 draw!



10:23 AM  
Blogger Toshiwonka said...

Ah Alex Mr Karma ;) Just been looking through my blog and regressing and stumpbled across a few comments.

Im watching ya

4:11 PM  

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