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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just played the 15k gauranteed. 250 runners, 27 get paid. Can you guess where i finished.
Yeah, thats right, 28th. :)
Happy days. Get a stack, lose 1/2 to some little squeeze playing fuck, then tighten up.
Tighten up enough to get KQ done over by KJ on a 3 outer post-flop. Then make a stand on the button with AQo and the strange japanese guy in the BB has AA. Obviously any form of luck is banned for me in MTT's. Fuk it. I just wasted 4.5 hours and have nothing but wrist ache ot show for it. And thats form using the MOUSE you wiseguys ;)

ah well, i can always take hope from the fact i have work tomorrw.


Blogger Seb said...

I'm having another thing down south in Sep - prob 15-17th - loads of notice so no excuses this time. also come join the fantasyfootball.metro.co.uk - private league code 7050.
gl mate,

1:44 PM  

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