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Thursday, August 31, 2006

OK, give a little bit of interest iv had from freinds regarding the recent tournie 5th place exit i figured id share the entire experience with you. This is gonna be a long post and bear in mind i am still learning. £50 rebuy tournie, £7500 gauranteed, 75 runners. You dont need to be Einstein to work out that this was gonna reach at least a 10k prize pool. Big enough for me. I sit down at my table and am immediately happy. I am surrounded by serial bluffers, movers and weak players. 2 players i played with in THAT cash game 2 weeks ago. Tom, a readable tight player, who gambles massively outside of poker. "Ricky" Gill- a player who gives my game minimal trouble, but causes other players (rob) endless troubles.
Other notable players were a loose aggressive player who i have a reasonable read on and a tight/solid player who should not be messed with, ever. Gameplan at 1st was to play like a short-stacked freezeout and let the loose player make too many moves. Starting stack 2500. Blids 25/50.

1st hand i get, KJc in cutoff. 4 limpers + the blinds = big multiway pot worthy of my hand. Flop comes perfect Qc9c10h. So i have nut str8 with second nut flush draw. Action goes.....check,check,check, ricky gill bets 100 into a 200 pot, i flat call, lose player raises (i.e he has check raised) to 600, Ricky goes all-in, i call, Check -raiser folds. Thanks.

Next hand i get about 25 mins later. AKspades. EP raiser, i re-raise. He thinks about it (for a short amount of time- and i know he pulls word-play when he has a monster) and goes all-in. Its a big call, but i dont like laying down big hands in the rebuy period. He has 1010, i hit an Ace on the flop, lovely. I now have 7k and a workable stack. No more hand till the last hand in the rebut period. I get dealt the bitches. 1 EP raise from a loose player, i re-raise, an even poorer player (short-stack) goes all-in for another 2k. Original raiser calls, i call. I am up against A9o and 88. I win. Stack is now 14k. Average is 5k.

No more hands this table, i get moved after a short while with 13500 at the next table. Totally different table dynamic, a lot of solid/tight players here. I steal twice, with J9s and 87o RTB. Blinds are 200/400 so worth nicking. Blinds go up to 300/600 when i make a mistake. I limp with 33 utg (why?) then see a flop of K87. As this is only a 3 way pot i decide to take a stab at it and raise to 1500. Tight guy re-raises me, i fold telling him i misplayed Jacks (want to enforce my rocky image, doubt he bought it).
Anyways, blinds get to 1k/2k. I find AK and raise to 7k to play, comiiting myself to the pot as i know i need chips. Tight CL re-raises me all-in after thinking about it. I call as im pot -commited, he has QQ and i hit again. Big stack now, i steal to final table. At the table the prize structure is so flat 300,300,400,400,500,750,1200,3k,4k that its obvious playing to win is the name of the game. 2nd hand i get KQs and go all-in. I get called by JJ and hit a Queen. Image sorted. I now have 80k and nice little till later on when a shortish stack goes all-in when i have 75k and KQ. I call 30k and he has 10,9. Hehits, i dont, i go all-in with A6 in a blind v blind scenario against serial thief Damien, who has A8. No miracles, im out.

Thing is, i dont think i did anything too great. I just won my coinflips and nicked a few. Need to work on winning. gl all.


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