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Monday, August 21, 2006

Had a very disappointing weekend of poker, a lot was promised, but i couldnt deliver :(

Started on Friday night collaborating with Dave "the artist" Halfacree in a few $50 SnG's and the main multi's.
We bubbled the final table in the 5k event after losing 3 races on the trot. Q10 v 55, AQ v 99 and again with Aq v 99. We played well throughout, but $100 isnt $1500. We continued our record in the $50 SnG's, that is, played 4, won 4. Had a suckout in the 20k and Dave ran into a monster in the $100 rebuy later.

Cash games went well on Saturday with the bankroll being allowed to swell and even after a nice withdrawal it was at over $900. Sunday is as ever the big day for me in the multi's. I played all the medium buy-in events Sunday evening on Tribeca and a couple on UB. Got huge starting stacks in both the 20k gtd and the 5k gtd (one of which was the result of a very lucky hit by myself, set v overset on the flop, 1 outer to quads :) )
The this hand in the 20k. I have 25k, average is 12k. Only other big stack at the table has 20k and raises an open pot on the button 3*BB. I call in the SB with J10s, hoping to flop a monster and outplay the guy for a lot of chips. Flop comes AJ10 with A of my suit. I bet pot, he calls. Turn comes, wait for it, 9 of my suit. I bet 2/3 pot, he calls. River comes 10. At this point i know he has hit the flop. I think he either has AK or AJ. I now have house of j's and 10's. Trouble putting him on a set as surely he would have bet big on such a heavy drawing flop. The pot is 15k, i set him all-in and he calls in a heartbeat with flopped top set AAA1010 house on the river.
Damn. My chips get donated later when AK cant beat 2 lots of AQ preflop.

In the 75k gauranteed i was running well till my KK got driven very fast into AA. Thing is, i now kinda know when my KK is beaten preflop. Should i ever lay them down?

In the 5k event i got to final 70 before my ailment came to haunt me. 2 limpers on my SB. I have enough chips to set them all-in, after all, if they had a hand they can call with they woulda raised right? I have A9s, 2second limper nearly times out before calling wih A10. No luck for me. Next hand is heavily multiway to me on the button with 78s. I have 5k left, 20k already in pot, no brainer. I flopped a MONSTER. An open ended straight flush draw. But the spades just kept coming and of course someone had the A.

Another rough night on the multi's. Need to put in some serious hours this week at the cash tables, where my form has been excellent. I just sit there multitabling 4 short-handed tables at a time, alternating between nut-peddling and being a re-raising, showing my bluffs nuisance. Seems to get the yanks going loco with me. My best result at a $100 max sit down tab;e of .50/1.00 blinds is getting to $380 in 3.5 hours after sitting with $40. My worst play was bluffing off $150 on the river representing a flush when my opponent already had a house. Boy that got some laughs.
Does seem to work though. Sit down, play mad, show ur bluffs for 15 mins. Then lock up, play solid, re-raise strong with hands worthy of slow-playing....and get paid for 45 mins, until the cycle starts again.

GL all

Tip of the day. If you have a medium pocket pair. You call a LP raise with 88 in the blinds. Flop comes JJ5. CHECK RAISE this flop. Preflop raiser will fire out a continuation bet on this flop. Your job is to find out whether he has high cards that have missed, or a Big pair. Shut down if he does anything but fold. You have asked the question, and got the answer.


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