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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Whoa there, had a very very hectic evening on Friday night. My god the Cash games at the Vic are juicy. Will definitely be heading back there. Spent a bit too much that night, as one thing left to another and me and the Artist didnt get back till 6.30am. I then had to get up and play Paintball. Harsh. Got shot, hurt a lot, went home and slept. Suzanne came round and we watched that eternal programme that is always varied, interesting and full of entertainment- Match of the Day. My tournament went shit in the Vic BTW. QQ cracked by 44 ai preflop, but it was only £10 so who gives a toss.

Played a bit this avo and won $400 in about 2 hours. If only every session could be that good. Im in need of a bit MTT result and i think tonight could well be the night. I am playing with so much confidence and am totally calm when the cards are not dropping for me. Variance is being thoroughly embraced of late as i dont mind letting the fish win. It makes the poker world go round.

Im going to experiment tonight with a new strategy in a couple of baby MTT's. Its going to be a "re-raise anyone you think wil fold to an all-in bet" night. Should be fun.

Luton tomorrow for their 7500 gtd £50 rebuy tournie. This will be awesome but im going to limit myself to 1 buy-in and then play cash. Otherwise i will get carried away and prolly lose a lot wonga.

gl me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope last night went well mate, Friday was a classic. 6.30am? I hadn't realised it was that late.
Do you know what tournaments they are running up in Luton this week?

7:40 AM  

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