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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It just happened again. Playing the 15k and 3.5 k tournies. I get to 90 players left in the 15k and am 5th in chips. I find KK and lead out UTG+2. I get min re-raised by a big stack. At this point in time i want to fold, i mean, my brain is screaming FOLD. But of course we get to the turn after chec/check on a heavy drawing board and it all goes in. He has AA, of course i knew it. Im going to start laying this hand down is the player has 1/2 or more of my chips and i know he's solid. Im fed up with losing my chips without being able to outplay postflop.

Recovered mind, and still have some chips.

GL me, 89 left, lets have a result mr. martin


Blogger Alex Martin said...

good god i must start proof reading this shite. Still, i probably would warrant a B grade by modern GCSE standards.

3:40 PM  

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