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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

OK, we have what is in online poker called a definite banker. There is bank holiday coming up. OH yeah!! And for a heck of a lot of people who have just been paid in the last week or so will be losing a lot of cashish to me, Chief Constable of the NE Thames Bad Beat Police. Thats CCNETBBP for short.
And listen to this for a dream weekend. Seriously, im getting 2 early nights to get ready for the obliteration my body is gonna take. Friday night, early kickoff. Me and Dave "the artist" Halfacree will be leaving work very early and heading down to the London Grosvenor Victoria for about 5/6pm. This is a 1st ever for me and i feel a bit intimidated. Thats a lie. I cant wait to get hold of lots of rich kids cash, well, thats the plan anyways. Gonna see what tournie is happening and how juicy the cash games are. Going to play till about 12/1am and then hit a few nice bars around covent garden. Saturday, 8am meet for a full day of paintball. £50 has got me the whole kaboosh with 1000 balls, awesome. There is a big crowd of us going so should be a giggle. Saturday night, see the missus and possibly head off to the Crosskeys in St.Albans to send off a mate who's going to Bristol Uni. Earlyish night before.....
Sunday, pidgeon shooting. Starting at 6.30am sharp, have already purchased 500 cartridges for what promises to be an awesome day. There are 3 of us shooting so if the weather stays nice and windy/overcast i should still be eating home-grown woodpidgeon well into the winter. Sunday night, possibly playing the big Sunday MTT's online (well big for my bankroll, this aint no bodogari), might play @ Luton in the £25 NL tournie/Cash games. Monday, morning, hit the gym hard at about 11am till 1pm. Then head off to Luton for a sociable £500 freeroll event and then a £50 re-buy tournie. Ill probably play 1 buy-in then hit the cash tables. Stop playing at about 4am, head off home and think about a really good excuse as to why i cant come in on Monday morning. Hurrah, as my coworker would say..."im getting wet at the thought"! Dont ask me, he's from the midlands, i always thought it was women that got wet.

gl all. Special thankyou to Paul "the man" AKA UKGATSBY who kindly does all the hard work on this blog ;)
By the way, if he offers a % swap, take it, he's due a result.


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