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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back in the groove. Had a thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday. Woke up with a mild hangover, which seems to always stimulate my play and produce my A-game. The artist and me played 2 SnG's in the morning. Its strange but playing with another player allows you the time to discuss hands, optimal strategy and decreases the chance of poor decision making as you have to convince another player that your decision is optimal. We won it and then departed to Luton where i won a £30 SnG (chopped most lol) after arriving late for the 3pm £10 rebuy doh. Played the £20 later and gor rivered by a 2 outer :(
Soon, soon the wins will come.


At the moment im really working on my HU game. It recently dawned on me that over the course of a lifetime the amount of money that you make in tournament poker depends heavily on your ability to come 1st, not second. Think i made an error in chopping that SnG, i aint a great player, but sheer volume of hands gives you a huge edge when it comes to playing the older generations who just havent the experience that a lot of these 20-somethings have. Its been a real eye-opener of late to watch how poorly so many people play poker. Thanks christ that these players (and many new recruits) are joining in with the current poker scene. A while ago i worried that all the fish would go bust. This hasnt and never looks like it will happen. What we could really benefit from is a female WSOP winner. We need as much dead money as possible and with one or two exceptions all the women i have ever player poker with are useless.

Reallt feel like im back on top now. These advert were recently banned in the US for being too risque. Freaking hilarious though, esp the Phil Ivey one. http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/best-poker-faces-in-the-world.php

We won it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised my efforts in the £20 re-buy weren't deemed worthy of mention. lol
The more I think about the more gutted i am about what happened there. Bit of negative variance for one hundred percent of steal attempts in the last hour and a half to run into pocket pairs though.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Sorry bud. I should mention to all that Dave "the artist" Halfacree had an exceptional game in a recent £20 comp at luton only to suffer the agony of the bubble after a failed continuation bet on the flop against a player. The fact that he stared at the flop for a full 15 seconds might have been a giveaway to the guy, but unlucky anyway Dave ;)
He will be a GREAT poker player someday, he has the rigth work ethic.....should i lick ur ass some more? Or is that enough?

2:34 PM  

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