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Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally going to try a satellite for the Grand Prix. Im a bit late and to be honest i should have put more effort in but with a little luck ill do it tonight. £100 rebuy @ Luton and ill go for 2 buy-ins max as it pays out on a % of players basis.

Play the players, play the cards. If i can do that ill have a seat locked up by 111pm and press the sit out button while enjoying at Corona at the bar ;)

Also, as a side note, what a fucking dick Bush is for demanding action wrt Korea's Nuclear testing. Hypocrisy is rife. Remember this guy broke every human rights law going with the opening of Guantanamo Bay- oh and the whole Iraq/Oil, Lebanon/Israeli support, Afghanistan/911 witch hunt fiasco's that have occured. And someone hasnt shot this guy yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any news on last nights satellite?
Just broken five hundred site visitors mate, congrats.

9:58 AM  

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