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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The 1/2 games a re bit loco on Tribeca tbh. the swings have been hard to stomach this evening but im going good now.
Played the $200 buy-in Tribeca tournie and came a credible 6th. With 0 cards.
Was going well in the 15k $27 rebuy also until this poxy hand. My KK all-in v 66 and 88. An 8 on the river sealed my fate :(
Woulda had 40k in chips if my hand holds true and prolly Final tabled and maybe podium.

The cash games at this level seem to have a lot more gambler types. My bets are getting nearer pot than 2/3 pot as i need to protect my hands against these chasing fuckers. An ultra-tight strategy seeing me nut-peddling on 4 tables is doing nice. As i say this i flop the nut str8 and ome guy check raises me for $250 with top 2 pair and fills up on the river. Arghhhh

Also had the displeasure of losing a $500 pot to a twat on a flush draw. And it seems a gutshot is a strong hand too FFS.

will try to keep sane, pot odds mean diddly squat to this lot


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