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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trying to keep my feet on the ground but im itching to finish my contract and get stuck into playing online poker proffessionally. I have 2 ways of playing cash games ponline at the moment. The safe way and the loco way. The safe way just sees me playing textbook ABC poker and works really well on weekends and between 6-8pm. On weekday evenings after that time the method that works best it the megalo/advertiser- because the oposition bets better. Once you have convinced them that you are an absolute moron (as cheaply as poss) slow down and watch the money come flowing in.
Some really shit players everywhere i look. The re-raise all-in overbetting the pot *2 with a flush draw is a priceless thing of beauty. Having these ppl river me doesnt bother me. I know the money is staying in the poker community ;)

Massive Sunday lined up. Been to the gym this morning, played footy for a couple of hours, made $700 in about 1.5 hours and going gutshot in 2 minutes. Im playing a heckuva lot of tournies with the artist and we should get a result or 2. Tomorrow night im playing the £100 PL satellite to the Grosvenor Grand Prix @ Luton.

If we get knocked out eraly, never fear......we shall go on the piss instead ;)

gl all.

Tip of the day. Playing Aces preflop after a raise in a cash game. Deny your opponent the correct implied odds to call with a smaller pair. If he has a brain, do this- ALWAYS.
If you are facing a large raise preflop when holding AA agaisnt a tight player, shove. Tight players always think that you are some moron with Jacks and usually call with QQ and nearly always with KK. It works really nicely if your opponent is solid.


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