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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Went out last night to wirk on my live game at the rookie night @ Luton. How can you beat muppets? I re-raise a raiser (who had a fair few chips..5k) in the rebuy stages with KK, he re-pops it and i instacall. He has A10 and spikes an Ace on the river. Next hand, i have A4h and have a few thousand again after some donk donated to me. Flop comes with 2 hearts, 9103. Original raiser bets, i elect to flat call, rtb goes all-in, original raiser re-raises all-in, im getting the odds and call. RTB raiser has KJ for oh, lets see...a funky draw for 2k in chips when the preflop pot is 150. Original raiser( A10 man) had J6h and spikes a 6 which holds for the side pot. :)

Later on a rookie woman who was as useless as an inflatable dartboard bets into 4 ppl with Quad Queens on a board of QQK when there was a preflop raise. Someone asked her why she didnt check and she said she thought she had the best hand. Never again am i going to this. I dont think im going to learn much, although i have a couple more tells nailed/ updater a few players/ chatted to some buddies.

Going to work tonight, gonna make $1000 and freeroll my way into the gutshot £500 main event. hopefully....

gl all


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