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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ok, this is horrible, so if you cant be arsed with another bad beat story, piss off to one of the other 8 billion poker blogs out there. I make final 2 tables of the 20k GTD. My stack is 120k, CL has 300k, average is 80k and im 7th in Chips.

Very 1st hand in after the break i get bullets under the gun. I elect to limp as there are 2 short stacks round the back who might have a pop. 2 other limpers and the SB completes. Fooking brilliant. I tell myself that unlesss the flop comes really really ugly im gona shove 100k into a pot of 38 on nearly all unpaired flops. Board comes a bit rough, but not too bad. 5h7s9s. I shove, get folded to button, who insta calls for 95% of his chips with what i think has to be a set. But no, this guy thinks calling 100k to win 40k with AJspades is a wise move. He duly rivers a straight.

Bah. Then i get peppered in the chat box, "thats the price you pay for limping with Aces"..."He deserved it, he should have raised preflop". Wow, talk about salkt in the wound. Im annoyed coz if my hand holds true i have 280k and can secure myself podium fairly well. Then i can play the Gutshot 500 event this saturday, but oh no, one of our lop-eared freinds has to go and make the play of a lifetime and donk me out of the tournament.
Of coure the guy is exstatic (sp>?) but so frustrating because the guy isnt gonna win the tournie, he isnt gonna podium, infact as i watch he calls all-in with AQ v AK for 1/2 his stack.
But he will tell his freinds the story about how he flopped the "nut flush draw with 2 over and think his play is sound". Dont know why im annoyed, not even sure im that big a favourite...i assume he has 9 outs + maybe 1/2 for runner runner str8/Jacks so im about 62%.

Balls. So near yet so far. Looks like Winnie the Poo's best mate will win the battle, but not the war.

Tip of the Day. Dont play Cash games unless ur game is rock solid. Period. Iv seen some kids lose a lot of money lately on tilt.


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