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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Given the amount of time iv been spending thinking about MTT strategy and fold equity/survival dilemnna (sp?) i have been reading a lot of 2+2 threads. Here is a cracker.

Understanding that every situation is one long stream of events, and the results of any single hand mean nothing in the long run isn't enough. Because of Gamblers Ruin(cannot recover from zero(MTT'wise) you are forced to recognize that each situation is independent, and have to be results oriented for that hand. It is counter-intuitive to make a move based on one situation, rather than 100s of thousands similar situations, but because you cannot recover from zero, there has to be a plateau in each situation that you can recover from. my words in red.

Funnily enough, after this he goes on about creating valid models....which is where i stop agreeing because you cannot "model" a solid player who is playing loosely around the bubble trying to amass chips, or the maniac who just lost $500 on his cash table and will call with any 2. The words in bold hold true to me.


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