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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Having a major rethink about hourly rate. I keep wasting loads of cash on weeknight tournaments when i should just play cash game hit and run sessions where i make money 90% of the time and good money too. Ill save my MTT's for Sunday's. Also going to stop the smaller buy-in events online as they are just a waste of time. Large fields, poor prize money. Im definitely upping my game lately and taking bigger risks to make more profit and stack people. I get dealt 99 last night and there is a standard preflop raise form another player and a flat call from myself and another player. Flop comes 9AA and original raiser thinks for a bit then raises small. This stinks of an AK. I have $400 and so does he. I just shove knowing he has to call with AK or AQ as he wouldnt expect someone to come out betting hard on this flop and thinks i have a smaller ace. THEY BOTH CALL. One has AK, one AJ. $700 for me :)

Really going to start puttin ghte hours in. I reckon i need $12k to play 2/4 NL. And im close ;)


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