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Friday, October 20, 2006

Last night was a success, with Rob Apple winning and Dave Halfacre coming second. Only 13 runners but fun was had by all. What a prediction, both my favourites coming in @ 1 and 2 ;)
Rob played excellent poker in the latter stages (after imo a horrible call with A10 preflop against Seb's all-in bet- he had 99) and Dave got lucky when he made 2 pair after attempting a convincing bluff. As a side note, Michael paul Jack made the money and in one hand played Rob like a sewing machine. Nice result michael, 3rd is respectable.
Well done Rob "Byliant" Apple sir. Spend the £200 wisely ;)

Tonight was an absolute fiasco. I played a satellite for next weekend and failed to make a solid player fold 1010 preflop after a substantial all-in and failed to hit an Ace or Queen :(
Shit happens.

In the 20k it was amazing, i always led when the chips went in and they always somehow fucked me. I got a stack playing ABC (which is all you need to do against these muppets) and then this hand. Holding 6s7s in the BB i see a free flop with 2 other player and the SB. Flop comes magic. 589 with 8s9s. I decide to lead out and bet 1/2 the pot. Moron goes all-in (8k), Tight/weak player re-raises to 15k (my stack 30k blinds 400/800) I decide i can do without another spade coming off the deck and go all-in with the stone cold coconuts, tight player folds.
Mateyboy has 9,10 so obviously the turn comes 10 and the river 9.
Later i go all-in with a flopped top set of tens on the turn only to be fucked by a rivered set of Queens. Horrible game sometimes.
On my last gasp i go all in with JJ only to get insta called by a circus freak with K10 for 1/2 his stack which knocks me out.

I dont give a shit about winning the 50/50's, just let me win the 70/30's and the 90/10's.
Anyways, angry and fucked off, i wrote a post to calm me down.....

Big thanks to Gatsby for adding some new links, i hope my select group of readers enjoys.

All you can do is play perfect poker and hope they dont get lucky..... GL all.


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