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Monday, October 16, 2006

Was getting dangerous online so iv withdraw a large proportion of funds. Left enough so that ill be able to play the MTT's and $100 SnG's comfortably. Basically i lost a $1300 pot and tilted away another £700. On top of that iv gone, wait for it.....29 online tournaments without a cash (but have qualified for 2 satellites). This is partly due to the fact i never want to creep into the money, but mainly due to excessive fancy play syndrome coupled with donkey calling stations/ ppl with the stone cold nuts. Healthy cash injection is just what the doc ordered and i rmembered some cash i had in BlueSq which was handy. Ok, so the $1300 pot went something like this. NL Cash 2/4. I have 99. I raise preflop and get re-raised small. 1 LP caller and i come along for the ride. Flop, magical. A99. I figure to swerve the re-raiser has 99 because he's been raising with trash since he sat down. I have $600 infront, mateyboy 1 has 400 and other chap has over 1k. As i am 1st to act and know one of em surely has an ace i put in a pot-sized bet. Mateyboy 1 raises, mateyboy 2 re-raises. Funky sequence of events. Now AA is unlikely because there has been a re-raise form a third player, indicating both aces are held by my opponent. A9 just doesnt bet here because no internet cash game player if met bets the solid nuts on that flop hard (although they should ;) ). So i think i am ahead and shove em. Insta-call and insta call. Iv read em perfect (for once) and AK and AQ are duly shown. Turn Q (which means im losing the main pot), River K (which means i go fucking ballistic). Now narmally this wouldnt affect me but i somehow got screwed again when i flopped the rolled up FH and some lad hit quads qhich i duly paid off only too eagerly. The standard has been really high iv found this weekend and i donated way too much.
And then, just to kop it all off i got rogered in the $200 freezeout. 1st hand, i have chips. I raise from the cutoff (no limpers) 4*BB. Bb calls. (who has same chips as me). Flop comes pretty/scary depending on your disposition..Qh10c9h. The guy then moves all-in on me. Do i lay down sets? No. I think he most likely has top 2 pair, or MUCH MORE LIKELY and overpair that he tried some fancy shit with and now wants to overbet the pot with in order to scare me off if he thinks i have a draw. I insta -called and he insta-showed the KJ nuts (hearts). Sigh sigh sigh.
Then in the $100 rebuy i go deep (well, as deep as you can in a 64 runner event) and holding QQ i bet 1/3 my chips preflop. 1 caller. Flop comes good enough J49. I Bet all-in and he calls for all his stack with...........33. turn, 10...river, BING. Allelulluyah (sp?)

The good news is i have a lot of runners for my comp on Thursday. Roped in a good twenty im hoping, which should mean a good game of "poking-her" for all of us (well, not me, ill be doing a Thomas Kremser impression and propping up the bar ready to hit St.Albans afte riv speeded up the blinds a bit) .

Just checked on Blonde and Mick Fletcher has FT'd Walsall. Andy Liue came 35th or something and Shermeister crashed early. Gl to the rest of em, especially Mick, who i spoke to @ the UK open and has real game.

Oh, and I sucked out on Rob in a SnG in Luton. Made me fell really good cracking his KK with AK. Sort of like divine retribution for when the monkey called and all-in bet with A9 soooooted agaisnt my Aces (after i showed him what i had). Hurrah.

Gl all.


Blogger Alex Martin said...

should really proof read. "swerve original re-raiser has AA" that should read.#

Oh and that should read "indicating both aces are held by my opponentS"

"if"- Iv

"narmally"- normally im not blogging @ 2.20 am uk on sunday so fuk this you'll heve to translate urself im going BEDDDDDDD

1:27 AM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...


let me know what links you want added.


10:46 PM  

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