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Friday, October 13, 2006

Totally forgot to plug my 1st ever tournament. I will directing a 1 night only £30 freezeout next Thursday (19th) @ Bar12 in Hatfield Middlesex. A buffet is being laid on from 7pm with kickoff at 8pm. It will be nice and slow with a cracking structure and some very good players, Herg "SnG machine" Gray, Mr.Apple aka Bryliant(when he's on form he should be favourite), Dave "the artist" Halfacree (the talented one in our partenership who has hit fantastic form) , Johnny Martin (kid brother (metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous are types of....)), Chris Ford (good/somewhat loco player), Oli "the slowplay" Nicholls, Mike "5" Paul-Jack (tbh and lets keep it quiet, pretty useless) and a bunch of other nameless wonders. It might even turn into a winner takes all event, ill probably put it to vote.

On saturday ill be trying the Betfair promotion. Win 5 SnG's in a row and go to Singapore. Sound's fairly simple? So ill probably deposit $500 and multi-table 8 $10 6 man tables at a time trying to spin a run together (of course ill have to check terms and conditions). Then im Going to Luton for some fun and games, well, actually i just want to railbird Artist and see how he's smashing the fields apart. Will probably play the £20 PL event in the evening, sort of like my consolation prize for not qualifying for Walsall.

Sunday, going London with the missus, then playing the Majors online. Might even have a go at a couple of the Stars Sunday events.....nah, ill stay with the fish on Tribeca.

gl all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll catch an early train tomorrow and should be back in plenty of time to destroy another MTT for your entertainment.
Just for the record last seven live MTT's. Total Investment £180: Total returns £2385. Might be time to find a bigger game.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

LOL. Funny you should say that, im trying for the holland Masters and the Irish Open @ the merrion Club. There is also the Southern Masters @ Southampton Grosvenor in late november with a £500 main event. Looks pretty likely to be my 1st medium buy-in event at a UK festival.
See you on Saturday. This is turning into purely a way of communicating between us. I have 570 hits, but i dont really, coz iv been on here 400 times and no-one reads this tripe anyways lol.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't hatfield in hertfordshire?

yours sincerley Cowboy Rob

5:21 PM  

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