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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Havent played the addictive game for nearly 3 days now. Felt my MTT game has really gone downhill lately. I cannot maintain solid play for long enough before getting bored/ tired/chipped up. I have been burning the candle way too hard recently and its not good for results. Staying up till 3am and getting up at 7 4 days on the trot saps your body.

In the few tournies where iv got chipped up by playing solidly, often i get complacent and start fancy play syndrome or playing poor poker(calling raises from medium/big stacks with AJ/A10, small pp's in a HU pot) and generally turning into a lag chip donator. What i should be doing is managing the stack better and protecting my assets. This primarily menas nicking blinds when being the 1st to enter a pot and targeting desperate short stacks who are forced to play marginal hands.

I am starting a new chapter in my game and really going to learn more about human psychology and reading players. I have a natural talent for reading ppl but it needs work (probably from assessing whether or not the gf is lying ;) ). The Bar12 tournament is looking really good, pleanty of numbers and some good grub mean it should be fun.

Iv decided on my 1st medium-buy in event in the UK. A £500 double chance freezeout at the Southern Masters on the 29th October will be awesome. Im playing a big online satellite that same friday (for the Amsterdam Masters)also so should be a good weekend.

OK. I shall now discuss playing KK from a cash game perspective. A very tricky hand to play. The one thing you dont want to do all the time is get all ur money in preflop agasint a tight player in a medium stakes game. Sticking $200 in preflop mean he has one of 2 hands, KK or most likely AA. Against a crap player or one that gives action stick the lot in. One thing you will observe very quickly is that good players always have the maximum you can buy-in to the table and poor players have a small amount of money at the table (not always, but often).

Raise preflop and see what happens. Thatever the flop fire in a continuation bet of 2/3 the pot (even if an ace comes). If they do anything other than fold, seriously consider you are beaten if there are no obvious draws and try and keep the pot small.

If an aggressive player has bet into you preflop and you think he's bleeding, check calling all the way to the river is a viable option, BUT i much prefer this approach when flat calling behind a bet. The river overbet with a very strong hnad is a common online move and you dont want to have difficult decisions out of position. Say for example that you have KK and he raises preflop with Q10s. You flat call.Flop comes 10,7,6 rainbow. If he bets into you here, you really want to find out where you are and use your brain to evaluate his hand. If he flat calls your re-raise he most likely has a 10 and is worried. Dont flat call on this board because its a connect board.On a flop of Q 7 2, you could consider flat calling behind with KK purely because you are most likely massively infront and can win a good pot without trouble. But normally re-raising with an overpair wins the most money.

What a shit post. Im off.

GL all, Queens will get more attention, im very busy at the moment.

Bar12, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Opposite the Galleria. Thursday 19th October, 7pm for food, 8pm for poker.


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