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Friday, December 01, 2006

Ok, things are moving forwards. Last night online was a bit of a shocker. Came 18th or something in the 20k on Tribeca after amassing a really threatening stack then donking it off with power plays on a guy not good enough to fold (but enough to outplay me ;) ). In the other events it went tits up also. Came really close to a major score in a decent UB comp but shagged it up at the final hurdle with fancy play syndrome.
Then i played cash games and spunked off $2k. And went to bed writing down a new plan.

Tonight was equally terrible in the tournies. After being dragged around Covent garden with the missus this evening i came back about 9pm in time for the 15k and 10k. No good in either despite getting set's 4 times in the 15k. Unfortunately no-one else hit anything so whilst my card luck (CL) was good, my situational luck (SL) was bad. So i decided (irresponsibly?) to put into practice my new principles. It was a conscious decision as iv been really applying my brain (not sure if there is a minimum cell requirement to classify it as one) power to cash game strategy. It all came about because i looked @ my stats in PT one night and found out this shocking fact. I lose more money with AA and KK than any other hand.

This got me thinking (albeit after it had cost me a couple of grand). The way to make money in poker is not through supernatural reads or rock-tight nut-peddling (at least not for me), but to make the fewest mistakes possible and minimise losses whilst maximising winnings. All very basic stuff im sure you'll agree but there is a point ill digress to in a microsecond. MARRYING HANDS IS CRIMINAL IN DEEPSTACK CASHGAME POKER. There i said it.

So i decided to polarise my strategy this evening. I would keep pots small preflop without huge hands- AA or KK in position against smallish/medium stacks. I would raise 80% of unopened pots round the back with any 2 connecting medium/low cards. Because i come into the pot with utter trash, i CANNOT marry hands unless i flop playable boards, straights, 2 pairs, oo str8/flush draws with a pair. With the big cards that EVERYONE plays, i played every hand according primarily to position. I folded AA on a board of K73 after i raised big preflop and someone came OTT of my bet on the flop. Now sometimes im going to get it wrong and fold a winner. But i dont mind. A lot of the time im drawing to 2 outs there.

Iv also really worked hard on stopping crying calls. If the board is unconnected on the flop and you are betting big on the flop and turn and elect to check TP/Top 2 P on the river and they go ALL-IN- think for a second. They had you on the flop and slow-played in position.

So my cash game has come on leaps and bounds. In 8hours this evening, 3 sessions, iv cleared $1700 profit, nearly eradicating yesterdays shocker. And boy does it feel good. When you keep hammering away at the small pots you get a whole heap of action when you actually flop something big.

And, sorry to waffle on but im so hyped up and its 4.53am but im flying....iv now got gears.

OK, so iv always been able to be loose and aggy, solid and tight...but those 2 gears have been replaced. Its like iv sold my metro and boughts a tiptronic (sp?) Ferrari. Sit at a table, go loco. Raise everything, show a lot of bluffs, base nearly every decision on implied odds. As soon as they start calling you down get tight with them. Make massive overbets, value bet every 4-tabling ABC twat watching the telly whilst he should be focusing. Then, occasionally certain players who have an ego will get upset. you can identify them as the ones who type "you fking donkey, 64o!!". Now you have them exactly where you want them. Turn into a passive, calling station monkey and watch it flow. With postion and application, using Hansen Hands Calling station, Solid, and aggy maniac are 3 gears that i gaurantee you will make you money.

So, there you have it. This is the 1st time that i have actually believed i am any good at theis poker game (deep down). Bring on Luton Xmas cracker, the whackers got his whack back.


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

I notice that you play both tourneys and cash within close proximity of each other.

Do you feel one hampers the other?

7:25 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Not especially, but i am starting to form an opinion that playing Tournaments and Cash games simultaneously is not a good idea.

For me to do well in tournaments I require a deep level of focus and recall, primarily playing the player. Multitabling doesnt aid this so i think ill either log a tournie session or a cash session from now on, the two dont readily accept each other (at least in my head).

5:06 PM  

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