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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Been fishing.
Target achieved. Now that wasnt too hard was it. IF only i could display the discipline iv had in my cash games the last 4 days all the time poker would be a piece of cake. Whilst on the subject, congrats to Jeff 'Jaffacake' from blonde who took down the Barcelona heads up comp, but lets be honest, its only 7 HU games, how hard can that be? :) Also, big congratulations to Jen Mason who took down the Green Joker Poker main event in Ireland last weekend. A cracking result in a top drawer comp.

Played Luton last night, felt really comfortable till i had an ego moment where i called my healthy stack off with AK. The lady had AA (which wasnt even a suprise, in retrospect the only hand im in any shape against at all is ladies) and despite hitting a K on the flop i didnt perform a miracle suckout. A bit peeved really at the £50 + £50 is a comp i wuite like, a nice deep structure allows you to play enough hands to get into peoples heads a bit. Shame i had cerebralflatulus for about 1 minute which cost me dear. However, in a newly found time is money frame of mind, i shook a few hands, apologised to one person and left abruptly.

Back home, went online for 3 hours and cleared £450 profit. I can deal with that. One absolute peach of a hand. Just as i was about to stop open limping with Axs(where 5 < x < 10) when i flop the nut flush and get paid off by top 2 pair and the (unlucky mate) king high flush. Happy days indeed.

Its rabbit season now and as most of the femal does have had their 1st litter, the tender 3/4 grown bunnies are now out in abundance. Im off out now to zero in the rifle and take it out this evening for a nice walk, assuming the rain stops.


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